Technical Name Technology of anthropomorphic robotic armintelligent grasping
Project Operator National Tsing Hua University
Project Host 張禎元
Through patented wearable sensor fusion technology, human 3D motions can be captured in real-time which allow 7-DOF robotic armdexterous robotic hand to perform anthropomorphic motiongrasping action. Integrated with eye-in-hand visual module, the adaptive gripper can intelligently decide optimal grasping strategy to ensure success grasping of arbitrary shape of objects in smart manufacturing applications.
Scientific Breakthrough
1. Sensor fusion technology allows real-time capturing of human 3D motion.
2. Humanoid mechanical design with biomechanics allows mimicking human motionanthropomorphic grasping by the bionic arm/hand.
3. Adaptive gripper design allows performing different grasping actions without change of adaptor.
4. Embedded vision module allows smart identification of shapeposition of random objects for best grasping.
Industrial Applicability
1. Sensor fusion technology allows recording human motion, which can be implemented in manufacturing, sport, medical,cultural fields.
2. The robotic arm/hand can be controlled to conduct anthropomorphic action, especially in hazardous environments where safety & manpower shortages are of concern.
3. The eye-in-hand adaptive gripper can identify object’s shapedetermine the best strategy for quickaccuracy grasping in manufacturing.
Keyword Anthropomorphic robotic arm Forward/Inverse kinematic Path planning Sensor fusion Motion capture Proximity sensor Object Recognition Adaptive Gripper Underactuated Gripper Vision navigation
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