Technical Name Wireless Biomedical Theranostic System on a Chip
Project Operator National Tsing Hua University
Project Host 陳新
This project designs a biomedical theranostic chip for neural disorders. It can not only function as an implantable device for treating the Parkinson's disease, depression, dementia, but also monitor physiological signals in wearable devices. For the development of medical device, the NeuLive system based on the microchip can accelerate the pre-clinical data collectionverification.
Scientific Breakthrough
Compared to the brain stimulator in clinical applications, the bio-electronic medicine based on the proposed microchip is able to recordstimulate neurons. In addition, the microchip supports the closed-loop control on stimulation, enabling personalized, precise treatments. Moreover, the implant size is as small as a single chip, greatly reduces the riskcomplication of surgery.
Industrial Applicability
The proposed microchip can underpin the bio-electronic medicine for treating neural diseases,monitor physiological signals in wearable device,facilitates the design of wireless, miniaturized instrument for brain research with small animals.
Keyword Biomedical chip Neural disorders Wearable device Parkinson's disease Dementia Depression Brain stimulation Artificial intelligence Animal experiments Big Data
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