Technical Name The Application of Intelligent Agricultural Control System on Orchard
Project Operator Tainan District Agricultural ResearchExtension Station, Council Of Agriculture, Executive Yuan R.O.C.
Project Host 鄭榮瑞/賴維祥/黃悅民/陳靜茹
This project integrated with industrial foresight technologies, including UAV, artificial intelligenceimage recognition, to collect real-time images, apply algorithm in evaluation, link the technology of IOT (Internet of Things)environment sensing,use unmanned vehicle to conduct controlling work.
Scientific Breakthrough
The plan develops intelligent agriculture system for slope orchard. From the ecology survey of litchi stink bugs, this project develops several pesticides for the prevention of litchi stink bug. This plan also uses thermal imageroute planning technology, to enhance the efficiency of using UAV. In the future, this plan will consolidate aerial photography3D route planning to apply on slope areas.
Industrial Applicability
This plan considers that currently labor shortage is the main difficulty. Also, the professional evaluation for pesticides is a problem. This plan selects effective pesticides for farmers to reach to the goal of using pesticides concisely. This plan concludes that developing UAV specifically focuses on slope area, plus spry pesticides via propeller, the efficiency of spraydistribution can be enhanced.
Keyword Unmanned Plant Protection Machin Slopeland Orchard Pest Management Smart Agriculture Neural Network Real-time image recognition Route planning Droplet Size High payload mechanism Dynamical system matching
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