Technical Name GreenSmart Agricultural System (Using A.I. to Predict Functional Compound Production of Chinese Medicinal Plants)
Project Operator National Chiao Tung University
Project Host 陳文亮
Summary In agriculture, the team has developed a “Chinese Medicinal Functional Compound Prediction A.I. System” that can predict compounds production during cultivation period. Moreover, in application, we have implemented a smart agricultural platform-AgriTalk to link the “Functional Compound Prediction System”“Smart Fertilization System” to provide a comprehensive management in farm production.
Scientific Breakthrough The different between the “Chinese Medicinal Functional Compound Prediction A.I. System”recent systems is that we go beyond quantity predictionfocus on predicting functional compound production inside the crops during cultivationtell the farmers instantly to improve crop management efficiency in farms to achieve good quality control in medicinal plants production.
Industrial Applicability The global market of Chinese Medicinal Plants is estimated to reach 80 billion USD dollars in year 2020. In this huge market, the “Functional compound prediction system” can definitely assist the agricultural enterprises to monitor the amount of those important functional compounds produce inside the crops to ensure good quality productionfinally guarantee their profit.
Keyword Artificial Intelligence Smart Agriculture Prediction Medicinal Plant Functional Compound Precise Fertilization Sustainable Agriculture Quality Guarantee Green and Smart Soil Fertility
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