Technical Name Non-GMO green revolution under climate change: The plant beneficial endophytic agent for total solution of abioticbiotic stresses
Project Operator National Chung Hsing University
Project Host 黃介辰/ 黃皓瑄/ 蔣恩沛
Our studies showed the endophyte Burkholderia 869T2 help banana to stand against the Panama diseaseimprove growths of pumpkin, cabbage,other crops. The 869T2 helps plants cope with salinity stresscan decrease dioxin accumulations in plants. The specific metabolite PQQ of 869T2 benefits host plant growths. The beneficial endophytethe metabolite can be developed as an protective endophytic agent.
Scientific Breakthrough
The plant beneficial endophytic agent could directly affect plant gene expressionshas a great potential to replace the GMO crops. We established core technologies to infect the endophyte into plantsto evaluate its activity inside plant host. This agent could enhance crops to cope with abioticbiotic stresses, enhance our agricultural techniquesestablish international competitive advantage.
Industrial Applicability
The protective endophytic agent has been shown to enhance growths of several crops. This agent increases several plant anti-abioticbiotic stresses abilities. Thus we designated this agent as “omnidirectionally protective”. This agent affects various host plant gene expressions, improves plant growth,increases anti-stress abilities of plants. It could be considered as a novel approach of breedingachieve multi-functional purposes.
Keyword plant endophytes synthetic biology abiotic stress tolerance metabolomics pyrroloquinoline quinone PQQ Burkholderia banana Panama disease plant growth
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