Technical Name Embedded Smart Textile Arrays Display Module
Project Operator National Taipei University of Technology
Project Host 芮祥鵬
Summary National Taipei University of Technology (NTUT) announces the latest approach“embedded smart textiles arrays display module” (ESTAD module) . The ESTAD module involves twoparts,one is circuitthe other is control box. The circuit is to attach the fabric seamlessly,this could be twistedrubbed to fit various design. The control box is designed smaller than the current form to put in the pocketsomewhere hidden in the potential application.
Scientific Breakthrough 1.Integration of circuittextile to decrease the size of the module:The ESTAD module is to coat circuit on fabric seamlesslytransmit electric current more efficient. The coated circuit could be foldable, twisted, rubbedwashed.2.Wireless Internet of thing function:This can be done from the phone's app in the future, including changing colors, entering simple textanimations as a demo.
Industrial Applicability 1.Foldable coating circuit: It can be applied to flexible LED advertising screens. There are two specifications of full color 50/50 LED20/20 LED currently.2.Application of clothing: The conductor wire of the display module can be extended,the electronic control system can be placed anywhere in the clothing according to the clothing design.
Keyword smart textile LED lighting wearable device flexible circuit process flexible foldable distortable cleanable portable soft
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