Technical Name The Development of Smart Contact Lens System: Taking Dry Eye Syndrome Diagnosis as an Example
Project Operator National Chiao Tung University
Project Host 邱俊誠
This project proposes a smart contact lens ideally capable of simultaneously observing the tear evaporation rate, the tear osmolarity,the ocular surface temperature. To solve the shortcoming of the current difficulty in quantifying DES, assist doctors in the diagnosis of dry eye conditions, the effectivenessselectivity of drugs, the treatment statusrecovery level.
Scientific Breakthrough
Currently, only TearLab offers a dry eye analysis system in the market. but the system can't measure continuously the device developed by this project puts a variety of sensors into the contact lens. Through the record for a long time, it could obtained the relationship between ocular surface signal,the daily behavior,and achieve the early preventionearly treatment.
Industrial Applicability
The system developed by this project covers the prospect technology areas of MEMS, RF system, IC design, signal processing,contact lens manufacturing. The achievement will be applied to the two major industries of biomedical electronicsophthalmology care, so that the ICT industry will jump from productionmanufacturing 3C products to high-end biomedical electronic medical equipment.
Keyword Dry Eye Dyndrome Smart Contact Lens Tears Analyzation Tear Osmolarity MEMS Ophthalmology Care RFID Contact Lens Precision Medicine Portable Medical appliances
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