Technical Name Microfluidic motile sperm separation sorter
Project Host 黃泓淵教授
The  microfluidic chips have been used to sort human motile sperms based on the phenomena of laminar flow. The sorted sperms would be fertilized to form the embryo by using in intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI).
The prototype of chips have been developed in the lab under National Tsing Hua University. Furthermore, the mass production has been conducted by Ritek to accomplish the disposable chips
Scientific Breakthrough
Chang Gung Memorial Hospital cooperates Tsinghua University to develop microfluidic sperm separation chip. It can screen sperm with good activity increased 13screening effectiveness increased by 8 after microfluidic sorting. This technology can simultaneously separate the motile sperm non-invasive conditions, which can expect to improve the fertilization rateembryo implantation rate.
Industrial Applicability
The research developed a continuous microfluidic system on the biomedical chip to screen the motile sperm, to avoid the sperm damage caused by the sperm DNA fragmentationthe peroxide generation caused by the traditional centrifugal method. This technology can simultaneously separate non-centrifugalnon-invasive conditions motile sperm, which can improve the sperm fertilization ratesubsequent implantation.
Keyword motile sperm sorting microfluidic system laminar flow assisted reproductive technique flow cytometry insemination fertilization male infertilty sperm polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS)
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