Technical Name Energy EfficientHigh Performance Neural Network Accelerator / Real-time Full-HD Image Semantic SegmentationObject Detection Technology
Project Operator National Tsing Hua University
Project Host 林永隆
Low-power deep learning accelerator integrates neural network design / training, model compressionaccelerator design. It uses a small amount of computationmemory footprint to realize high performance on the edge device.
The image semantic segmentation technology can reach 80 frames per second (resolution:1024*2048) to meet real-time requirements for autonomous driving.
Scientific Breakthrough
1.	An AI engine that accelerates multi-layer fusion neural networks (each layer can be DNN, RNN, GRULSTM)
2.	Parameterized number of neurons for input/hidden/output layers 
3.	Smart model compression achieving 2 to 16 times compression ratio
4.	Configurable decimal point position for input, weight/biasoutput of each layer
5.	8 to 256 Configurable MACs
6.	Easy to use SDK
Industrial Applicability
Low-power deep learning accelerator can be widely used in IC design, communications, transportation, home appliances, consumer electronics, e-health etc. related industry. 
The image semantic segmentationobject detection technology can be used in autonomous driving, medical diagnosis, security surveillance, human-computer-interface, etc.
Keyword AI chip image semantic segmentation and object detection artificial neural networks network model compression Software Development Kit (SDK) autonomous driving speech command recognition hardware accelerator deep learning machine learning
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