Technical Name DevelopmentIntegration of MEMS environment sensors towards smartmore-than-Moore era
Project Operator National Tsing Hua University
Project Host 方維倫
The environmental information is very important to the human life, the proposed technologies of Environment Sensing Hub including:
(1)	Air sensing hub: temperature sensor, humidity sensor, pressure sensor, infrared sensor, noise sensor (microphone), PM 2.5 sensor
(2)	Water sensing hub: heavy metal ion sensor, spectrochip
Scientific Breakthrough
Air sensing hub: The autonomous development technology of the H/T/P sensors which could be implemented by the CMOS-MEMS processes sensors can be established the novel PM 2.5 sensor has the benefits of compact sizehigh resolution. 
Water sensing hub: Novel ISHEMT sensor has high sensitivity to detect the heavy metal ion in water novel spectrochip has the mass-fabrication capabilitycompact sensing system.
Industrial Applicability
Different using situations can be fitted by selecting the different required environmental sensors in our proposed environment sensing hub. By the integration of the distinct analyzed informationthe comparison of the data by different users/conditions, it can be further utilized in Smart-X fields hence, the air/water qualities can be monitored to improve the quality of human life.
Keyword humidity sensor pressure sensor microphone IR sensor PM2.5 sensor heavy metal ion sensor optical sensor Environmental Sensing Hub Air sensing hub Water sensing hub
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