Technical Name IoT of food allergen detector system
Project Operator national central university
Project Host 黃貞翰
Summary Our IoT of food allergen detection system has high sensitivityspecificity by magnetic nano-beads with advanced material coating. This advanced material successful inhibit biofouling in biosensor system. Other than this, Our system combine nanotechnology, biotechnology, IoTAI model. Device is small any easily carry to anywhere.
Technical Film
Scientific Breakthrough We use magnetic nano-beads with advance material coating to fast extraction biomarker. We successfully inhibit noise signal from protein nonspecific adsorption by advance material coating. For this reason, Our system has more sensitivityspecificity than The other product.Other than this. We have specific mode for bioelecrochemistry system, increase the rate of biosensor.
Industrial Applicability This technology can be directly applied in rapid detection of environmental hormone, pesticide,tracking food origin by DNA. The most important aspect is providing a food quality profile for food manufacturingrestaurant to guarantee the food safety. This technology is also can applied to cancer early detectiontrack disease.
Matching Needs Distributors, agents and Investor
Keyword Anti-biofouling IoT bioelectrochemistry magnetic nanobeads sensor food allergen surface modify smartphone handheld device fast extraction
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