Technical Name Platform for SiC Power System on a Chip
Project Operator National Chiao Tung University
Project Host 崔秉鉞
Develop a SiC single-chip power system platform across processes, devices,circuits to breakthrough the temperaturepower constraints of Si applications. The research includes low-voltage CMOS logic circuits, high-voltage driver circuits,vertical super-junction MOSFETs. All specifications exceed existing technology. The results can be applied to energy networks, rail transit, new energy vehicles, geological exploration, aerospace, defenseother fields.
Scientific Breakthrough
The single-chip power system platform will provide SiC low-voltage logic IC technology which is superior to existing international technology provide various lateral high-voltage devices to implement SiC driving circuit which has not been realizeddemonstrate 600 V ~3.3 kV super junction SiC MOSFET which has not been commercialized. All of these are leading technology in the world.
Industrial Applicability
The project develops 600V to 3300V super junction (SJ) MOSFETs, which are widely used in electric vehicles, smart grids, rail transportationother fields. The SJ structure can greatly reduce the on-resistancethus power loss. The SJ MOSFETs will be integrated with the full-SiC driving circuitslogic circuits to maximize the material advantages of SiC. These technologies would trigger a new economic industry.
Keyword Silicon carbide (SiC) Local Oxidation Logic Circuits Driving Circuits High Power Devices MOSFET Super Junction Termination Structure Deep Trench Isolation Wide Bandgap Semiconductor
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