Technical Name Devicemethod for recyclingreuse of reverse osmosis wastewater
Project Operator National Cheng Kung University
Project Host 王鴻博
Summary The novel aM device (AC@SGO) is capable of removing extra, unwantedtoxic ions. Particularly it can replace the RO water purifier with even better performance. In addition, the aM device can also be used in industrial RO wastewater recycling with a minimum maintenance necessity. The aM device with the advantages of relatively low costmultiple functions would have a high business competitiv
Market Potential Analysis 本案為設計低成本、簡易施工之高效aM裝置,可加裝於現存之RO淨水器中,除可將RO淨水器之RO廢水回收、淨化、及循環再利用;也可直接取代現有RO淨水器之RO淨水裝置。尤其,aM裝置具低維修頻率優勢,也可應用於工業用水去離子,製備低導電度水。本裝置成本低廉且可以循環使用,預期在工業及家庭之應用與需求,將具高競爭力與取代性。
Industrial Applicability The low-cost, high-efficiency, minimum maintenanceeasy-to-setup aM device can perform electrosorptionregeneration automatically for RO wastewater recyclingsubstitute the existing RO water purifier for drinking water. The aM device can also be applied in deionization of industrial wastewater for low conductivity water,thus has a h
Keyword RO water purifier electrosorption low conductivi capacitor deionization RO wastewater recycling wastewater treatment equipment emergency drinking water supply water resources raphene circular economy
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