Technical Name Ligands selective to alpha 6 subunit-containing GABAA receptorstheir methods of use
Project Operator National Taiwan University
Project Host 邱麗珠
Summary An international collaboration led by Prof. Lih-Chu Chiou, College of Medicine, National Taiwan University, has identified a novel promising drug candidate, the α6-containing GABAA receptor-selective positive allosteric modulator, for the treatment of migraine, trigeminal painneuropsychiatric disorders (schizophreniaTourette syndrome).
Market Potential Analysis 目前市面上無專一作用於此特定胺基丁酸甲類亞型受體的藥品,因而可針對那些對傳統藥物治療無效之病人提供全新的治療選擇。
Industrial Applicability The candidate compound has promising safety pharmacologypharmacokineticsmay emerge as novel drug candidate for above diseases. It is ready to enter pre-clinical IND-enabling studies. If successfully approved in the future, it would provide the first-in-classsafe medicinal therapy to the patients inflicted with the mentioned diseases.
Keyword First-in-class GABA-A receptor positive allosteric modulator migraine trigeminal pain neuropsychiatric disorders schizophrenia Tourette syndrome orphan drug excellent pharmacokinetics
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