Technical Name Novel photovoltaic-driven electrocatalysis/electrosorption technology for wastewater treatment
Project Operator National Taiwan University
Project Host 侯嘉洪
Summary An integrated solar photovoltaic-driven electrochemical water treatment technology have been developed with many advantages such as high energy independence, versatilityportability. The technology consists of photovoltaic systemelectrocatalytic/electrosorption processes, regarded as an innovative, energy-efficient water treatment system to remove organic pollutantscharged ions.
Market Potential Analysis 對於廢水處理的回收再利用,每單位用水的實際能耗介於0.18−10.0 kWh/m3之間。顯示世界各地用水需求之差異,包括原水水質類型、水處理系統成效及能源使用效率等。因此,水與能源之鏈結為發展低耗能淨水系統之重要的考量因素。期望透過本團隊開發之太陽光伏驅動電化學水處理科技,進而有效降低每單位用水之能源需求量。
Industrial Applicability In response to the lack of access to waterthe inadequate distribution grid, it is crucial to develop energy-independent water treatment systems for delivering clean water. An innovative, portable photovoltaic-driven electrocatalysis/electrosorption technology can be controlled by the water qualityquantity to meet the livelihood-oriented a
Keyword Solar energy Photovoltaic Electrocatalysis Electrosorption Electrospinning Electrochemical water treatment Energy-efficient Controllable technology Water resources Water-energy nexus
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