Technical Name Range hood with wisdom sensing
Project Operator Southern Taiwan University of ScienceTechnology
Project Host 陳瑞堂
Summary The smoke removal device with smart detection has the capability of gas detectionindoor air circulation.The system is internally equipped with a sensing device. If an abnormal PM2.5 valuea high concentration of dangerous gas is detected, the fan can be automatically activated immediately to quickly filter the air,both preventivemonitoring functions can be achieved.
Market Potential Analysis 具有智慧偵測除的油煙裝置有分成兩種類分別是內建式、外掛式兩種,可以根據個人需求作選擇。內建式的是將偵測器整合系統與廠商的抽油煙機組合在一起,製作成為一體性,而外掛式的可以依照每個人的抽油煙機外型去客製化。大部分的家庭皆有裝設抽油煙機,所以全台就有高達800多萬台抽油煙機,我們預估的市場大約在6-10,這樣至少都會有50萬台,如果內建式的成本估算在 1.5 萬,而外掛式估價在 1.1 萬左右,合計起來就有超過 60 億的市場經濟價值。未來如果能夠外銷推廣至大陸,這樣的經濟效益將會是台灣的好幾倍。
Industrial Applicability In recent years, the issue of indoor air health hazards has gradually been valued by everyone. Every year, more than 8,600 people have died of lung, bronchial,tracheal-related cancers,they have grown five times in 30 years. Our work can closely monitor the air. Quality, reducingeven preventing health problems caused by air pollutants.
Keyword Range hood Organic gas dust、wisdom Catalytic converter PM2.5 Wireless control Air quality Home security Instant monitoring Health
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