Technical Name Oil water separation device
Project Operator Ming Chi University of Technology
Project Host 謝建國
Summary A catalytic thin film was deposited on a porous substrate by a liquid phase method for the synthesis of CNTs as a superhydrophobicsuperoleophilic membrane which is non-toxicenvironmental friendly. The filter membrane was installed on the oil-water separation device for operation without power it’s an important technology for recycling economyenvironmental protection.
Market Potential Analysis 本發明的製程簡易,結構簡便,操作成本低廉,運用廣範,民間與官方皆有許多的相對應需求。
Industrial Applicability The invention can be used for water circulationoil recycleother related applications in the field of sewage treatment, including metal processing industry, food processing industry, marineriver pollution preventioncontrol, urban groundwater environment improvement.
Technical Film
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