Technical Name Engineering Technology Development for Bottom Fixed Underwater Structures of Offshore Wind Turbines under Extreme Environments
Project Operator Institute of Nuclear Energy Research
Project Host 黃金城
Summary Technology localization of design verification for substructure of OWT by introducing the international OC4 project outcomes has been established, considering geological conditions of domestic wind farms, especially for typhoonearthquake. The proposed load calculation procedure can be useful for design, O&M of future domestic offshore wind farms.
Market Potential Analysis 國內未來離岸風電於2025年前預計達成5.5GW裝置容量目標,以及因應風機之單機容量逐漸趨向大型化,各大知名廠商如:丹麥與日本的合資公司Vestas MHI、德國Siemens、Adwen、Senvion、Enercon、美國GE等,都將依據離岸風場的特性進行大型風電設備的設計開發、製造組裝與測試運轉等,目前朝向更大型8MW等級以上,未來勢必加速風機大型化之水下結構如支撐結構與基礎等工程應用,國內應掌握機會,藉此建立國內設計、製造、組裝、測試與營運等之完整產業鏈。
Industrial Applicability INER assisted China Steel Company in technology localization of design verificationengineering analysis for OWT through collaboration between industryacademia. It will be helpful for upgrading technology for the industrial engineering applicationsnurture the related professional engineers.
Keyword Offshore wind turbine Load calculation procedure Extreme environment Design load case Jacket substructure Monopile Hybrid gravity based foundation seismic analysis fatigue analysis structural safety assessment
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