Technical Name R&D of the first-in-class anti-diabetic drug, PS1
Project Operator academia sinica
Project Host 楊文欽
Summary This invention is to apply PS1 to treatreverse T2D. The invention can be developed into small-molecule drugs. Those are first-in-class drugs for T2D because its novel anti-diabetic mode of action.
Technical Film
Market Potential Analysis 糖尿病目前無法逆轉或治癒。全球糖尿病患者超過4.6億(台灣約160萬人罹患糖尿病) ,每年全球藥物市場達500億美元。本發明所發展新藥可以逆轉糖尿病,申請PX和PS1(PX抑制劑)的專利(部分專利已獲得)。本專利之經濟效益可佔250億美元。
Industrial Applicability This invention can be applied to development of first-in-class drugshelp pharmaceutical company upgrade their research capacity.
Keyword Diabetes Cure reversal PS1 small-molecule drugs first-in-class drugs islet cells cell death Oral agent blood sugar
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