Technical Name Fabrication of Seamless Roller Molds by Fiber ArrayDigital Light Processing
Project Operator Engineering & Technology Promotion Center
Project Host 李永春
Summary This research develops an innovative method for patterning arbitrarycomplicated 3D microstructures on metallic roller surfaces. This roller mold manufacturing system consists of digital light processing, arrayed microlensesoptical fibers,precision servo-controlled motion technologies. Based on this arrayed UV beam pen system, seamless roller molds are fabricated for roller imprintin
Market Potential Analysis "簡化滾筒模仁的製作程序、節省製程時間 提高滾筒模仁的製程精度、圖型複雜度、與微結構型貌的可變化性 數位式的製程模式,可以彈性生產、線上補償、與誤差即時回饋"
Industrial Applicability This digital roller fabricating technology is particular important for seamless roller moldsroller molds demanding complex patterns with smaller (~10 um) feature sizes. It also has the flexibility for making belt molds with three dimensional microstructure profiles.
Keyword Roller Mold Roll-to-Roll Imprinting Seamless Microstructure Micro-Fabrication Digital Light Processing Optical Fiber Array Microlens Array Optical Film Photolithography
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